Without Going
Bonkers or Broke

Eliminate 3 Critical Mistakes and
Save Thousands With This
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Ted Sugges
Author & Homeowner
Ted Sugges
A first-rate guide to remodelling your home, written as if the author is sitting across from you at your dining room table, answering all your questions.
Lilly Brock
Interior Designer / Remodeler
Lilly Brock
I would label Jim Molinelli's book a 'Bible' for anyone considering a remodeling project.
Jack Magnus
Reader's Favorite
Jack Magnus
Molinelli's enthusiasm for the subject shines through on every page, and it's quite infectious. This is a must-buy for anyone thinking of a home improvement project.

Do you remember?

…when you first thought “I’m ready to remodel…”?

It’s such an exciting moment!

Filled with endless possibilities!

But that excitement is too-often followed almost immediately by uncertainty and fear…

  What should I do now?

  Who do I call?

  What will it cost?

  What if I choose the wrong company?

  I hope I don’t get ‘taken’…

The truth is that most homeowners enter the remodeling process UNPREPARED!

And that is the #1 cause of remodeling “horror stories”.



changes everything!

 Because now any homeowner

can successfully navigate

the remodeling minefield.

Now you can:

  • Adopt the mindset of “The Boss” of your project
  • Thoroughly define your project’s goals
  • List all your “must have” requirements
  • Set a reasonable BUDGET for your project
  • Determine if you need professional design help
  • Find the ideal TYPE and SIZE remodelers to interview
  • Understand what makes a remodeler an excellent “fit” for you
  • Thoroughly interview the remodelers you have identified
  • Find out the hidden “truths” about any remodeler
  • Negotiate your best deal with your selected remodeler
  • Rest assured you are adding real value to your home
  • Sleep well knowing you will not be ‘scammed’ or ‘taken’
  • Save thousands of dollars in the process
  • Preserve your sanity

Everything you need to plan and coordinate a successful remodeling experience is in this book

Less stress. More success.

Stacey Kopp
Professional Editor
Stacey Kopp
The money saving tips are BRILLIANT!
Ray Brehm
Bestselling Author
Ray Brehm
Spend a few dollars on this book, and there's a good chance you'll get it back 100-fold.
Marlena Corcoran
CEO of Athena Mentor
Marlena Corcoran
I love the way Jim Molinelli invites us to organize our remodeling project almost as if we were writing a business plan.

About the Author..

Jim Molinelli is the quintessential remodeling expert. He has earned three different architecture degrees and holds a Maryland architectural license. He has also taught on the architecture faculty at Texas A&M University.

After teaching, Jim spent 25 years in the design-build remodeling field where his innovative designs and industry service earned him over fifty remodeling awards and two Governor’s Citations for Meritorious Service.

Along the way, he created and taught ‘Prepare to Remodel’ classes to homeowners through Howard Community College. That led to his writing this book, and has now created a Remodeling Master-Class that launches in September 2017.

Jim does occasional live presentations and workshops on remodeling themes, and blogs on his website

He and his family live in the suburban Washington, DC area. He enjoys travel, swimming, golf, and is also an avid baseball fan.

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