Me? An Author?

While I did some creative writing and wrote some poetry when I was younger, I never expected to write a book, let alone an Amazon #1 best-seller.
Well, things change!


A Fun Weekend

One day on Facebook I noticed an ad for a free weekend event. It was a “write a book in a weekend” seminar at a local hotel. Since the wife was into it, we signed up and had a blast!

I realized that a book would be just one part of a trio of new endeavors that would become my new business:

  • Write and publish a remodeling book
  • Build and sell an online remodeling class
  • Speak & teach to support the book and the class

Writing the Book

I know my subject matter! But before I could compile it into a credible class, I had to organize it clearly. So, writing a book was step one.

I bought a course by Chandler Bolt called Self-Publishing School. It allowed me to write and publish my book in about 6 months. The course was brilliant, and their community of authors was incredibly supportive. I could never have done this without SPS.

If you’re one of the 81% of people that hope to write a book, act on that thought. You can learn more about SPS, and get a free workshop by clicking the button below.


Goals for the Book

I try and have goals for each venture I undertake, and writing the book was no different. I realized there were several very clear and significant benefits that a successful book could deliver.

  • Help me organize content for my web course
  • Serve as a kick-ass business card for live events
  • Provide me with some added credibility
  • Help build an audience of remodeling fans

The book has already provided these benefits and more. In addition, it will pay itself off and become an income source in under 3 months!

A Best-Selling Book

In addition to the benefits already mentioned, there was one more that I secretly planned for. I wanted the book to become a best-seller so that I could be described, introduced or written about as “the bestselling author of the book Remodel!”

Well, Amazon designated the Kindle edition of my book a #1 Best-Seller, and the paperback version of my book a #1 New Release – both within the first few weeks after their release!

Click the box below to visit the Amazon page for Remodel! Without Going Bonkers or Broke.

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