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Remodel with Confidence

Originally trained as an architect, and with more than 24 years in design-build remodeling — I now offer homeowners a clear, simple preparation process so they can confidently and successfully remodel their homes.



Upon receiving my Master of Architecture degree, I took my first architectural job with a small one-man shop on Main Street in Reisterstown, Maryland.

Bill Keeney was the architect who nurtured my love of residential architecture. After three years with him, I passed the exams and earned my Maryland architectural license, and have never looked back.


I began doing design-build remodeling in 1993, and I fell in love with the chance to help 15 to 20 families per year improve their homes and their lives.

In the 24 years since then, my remodeling designs have received more than 50 awards. One project was even designated the Project of the Year.  I have also been presented with two Governor’s Citations for my service in the remodeling industry on behalf of the remodeling public in Maryland.



As an architect, and even as a design-build remodeler, my ability to help people successfully renovate their homes was limited to one family at a time, and several per year.

The one day, it dawned on me that I had a lifetime of experience. I realized that if I wrote a how-to book about the remodeling process, I could help thousands of families to achieve successful results! That’s when I became an author!

#1 Best-Selling Book

I took about a year to collect and organize a career’s worth of experiences and thoughts. My difficulty was not with the content, but conveying it so it was interesting, complete, orderly and fun — without being boring. Based on sales and reviews, it succeeded.

My book Remodel! Without Going Bonkers or Broke is now an Amazon #1 bestseller! Check it out!



With the incredibly successful debut of my book Remodel!, I turned my efforts toward producing a complete, step-by-step Remodeling Master Class for online homeowner learning.

My goal for the online course is to help thousands more families than I can help in person to achieve successful remodeling results, as they learn proper preparation and become masters of the process.


As soon as the online course is launched and running effectively, I’ll be taking to the highways and skyways to speak about remodeling themes and put on live workshops for homeowners.

Between the book and the web-class, along with the public appearances and live workshops I’ll stay plenty busy!

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