This is the first of a 6-part article on “Why People Remodel”

Everyone has done some home improvements. Paint. Change the carpet. Maybe buy and install a new faucet, toilet or light fixture too. But have you hired a professional remodeling contractor for a project around you home?

Not only have I been a professional who helped peolpe to update their homes through the years, but I am ready to release my new book this month.

In the book Remodel! I look at a number of  reasons why we decide to remodel. Different people choose to hire the big guys to tear up and re-do their homes for six different reasons I could identify, or combinations of those six reasons.


The first of six core reasons that homeowners remodel is due to an emergency.

In this particular case, there’s really no time to plan to remodel. It’s not typically an option in an emergency. The situation is forced upon you. You must deal with the immediate aftermath of the emergency, and arrange to repair, replace, or rebuild what has been damaged or lost. Time to respond is non-existent.

It doesn’t matter if the furnace broke down, a tree fell on the house, or a picture window got broken. I certainly hope that you don’t suffer a fire or face a natural disaster like a hurricane, tornado, or flood. And sometimes we’re just caught unaware when things around the house wear out on our watch. But as the connotation of the word “emergency” suggests, it’s an immediate call to action regardless.


There is an entire niche of remodeling devoted to emergency response, remediation, and repair. Whether the river of rain through the backyard overflowed into the house or the toilet upstairs in the hallway bathroom got blocked and rained down through the kitchen ceiling, you need help.




There is an entire segment of the remodeling industry that specializes in mitigation, restoration, and other insurance-driven remodeling and repair. In these circumstances, insurers typically have a whole team of specialists that can be mobilized immediately to aid with home protection and reclamation.


“Regardless of the disaster and the severity of the damage, when something goes wrong and the house is compromised in a serious way, it NEEDS to be fixed, and fixed quickly.”

– Jim Molinelli –

[from the book Remodel! Without Going Bonkers or Broke]



Why do YOU think people remodel?

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