My guess is that you have no idea why other people choose not to remodel. But it’s been my business
for a while now, and I have a pretty fair understanding of how homeowners face remodeling.

Some approach with joy of how a successful outcome will improve both their house and their daily
lives. When it works like that, everyone wins.

But too many have seen the black comedies like The Money Pit and Tin Men and believe those situations are all too real. And they’re right. Remodeling “horror stories” are too common. Most people know someone that had a terrible experience, spent months in dissarray, or were left with a shambles instead of a dream home.

The two main reasons that homeowners don’t remodel are their unfamiliarity with the remodeling process and fear.

If you’ve seen the news reports, TV shows and read accounts of “horror stories” it can be paralyzing. After all, who can afford to commit tens of thousands of dollars to a project when they know nothing about remodeling, and with such high stakes? And where do you learn how to remodel? Not from This Old House or HGTV. That’s entertainment. So these concerns are very real. You simply cannot afford to make a mistake and pick the wrong contractor. Or take the wrong steps in the wrong order. Right?

So necessary repairs and home improvements sit idle and remain the thing of dreams because of not knowing what to do.

Or fear. Fear stops people in their tracks every day. Fear of the unknown. Fear of making a terrible mistake. Fear of being taken advantage of. Fear of losing everything and being left in even worse shape than you when began.

When it comes to remodeling, people are simply unfamiliar with whom to call and why, and what to do or in what order to do it. They also struggle with how to select the right remodeler, and what different projects actually cost. Their fears can include choosing the wrong remodeler, being overcharged, being ripped-off, and not understanding what they really need.

Most homeowners know they should do something, but they are unsure what exactly they can do.

If any of these comments resonate with you, you are not alone.

Finally, you can rest easy. I’ve written a new book that will answer those questions and dispell the paralyzing fear of remodeling.

You can learn what you need to do and what you need to know, and get comfortable with the remodeling process from your initial project inspiration through signing a remodeling contract.

There’s no longer any need to fear the unknown aspects of the remodeling process any longer.

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