Jim Molinelli interviewed by Chandler Bolt,
CEO of Self-Publishing School!

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I joined SPS in August of 2016 to pursue my goal of writing a book. That book became the #1 bestseller
Remodel! Without Going Bonkers or Broke


I decided to pursue a new retirement opportunity that included speaking about how to remodel, teaching at live events, and also creating a web-based class in order to help even more families master the remodeling process.

To help me get my thoughts in proper order, I felt that writing a book on the subject would help me get fully organized. If it were successful, I would also be a bestselling author! It seemed to be the obvious first step toward producing my internet class as well, letting me help even more homeowners to successfully navigate the remodeling minefield.

While my three college degrees and 30+ years of experience make me a pretty darned good residential architect, they do very little to help me write and produce a bestselling book. Writing a definitive ‘how-to’ book, getting it edited, covered, formatted, bound, listed for sale on the worlds biggest bookseller’s site? I was clueless. How do I go about organizing the millions of pieces of information into a cohesive, logical and valuable book? I knew I needed a LOT of help.

That’s where Chandler Bolt’s Self-Publishing School comes in. They offer a multi-media class that takes an aspiring author from blank page to published author. I took a little more time than their proposed speed of 90 days till completion. But my slower pace allowed me to craft a better overall product. I gave more time to things like editing, formatting, cover design, title and subtitle, registering on Amazon, how to LAUNCH a book, obtain reviews, and promote and advertise to maximize the new book’s initial success.

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The SPS course is a no-nonsense class that can help ANYONE, even those starting without an idea! It provides both detailed logistics and some theory on ‘how’ and ‘why’ things work or don’t work. And despite the fact the Chandler Bolt was a “C” English student and college dropout, he has since earned the right to teach others, penning 6 bestselling books and creating a multi-million dollar company. He’s been there and done that. Who better to learn from?

I was never overwhelmed. Students are encouraged NOT to skip ahead, but to work diligently on each step of the process in order. Students also partner with another student to share progress updates and encouragement, etc.

Expert coaching is also available both through the advanced membership, or ala carte. Both coaches I have spoken with were brilliant and showed great insight and precision with their advice.

But in my opinion, the very best part of the SPS package is their private Mastermind Community. The support, encouragement, camaraderie, business savviness, and overall friendliness were overwhelming. I found comfort and a multitude of answers, support, and friends in the Community. I’m still happily involved today, months later, and I enjoy ‘paying it forward’ to the newest aspiring authors.

If you are one of the 81% of people in the US that hope to one day write a book, that day is today. And the “how” is Self-Publishing School. Check out their introductory videos and see if you’re not as inspired as I was.

It works. I wrote a book. The book has accomplished every personal and business goal that I set for it. And it only took 6 months! To top it all off, sales of the book paid off my total investment (the SPS course, editing, software, cover design, etc.) after just 3 months.

Remodel! has enjoyed amazing success, earning the Amazon #1 Bestseller banner for the Kindle version in its first week, and for the paperback version three weeks later. Both versions continue to hold the top spot in a several Amazon listing categories today.

If you ever entertained the thought of writing and publishing a book, let alone a bestseller on Amazon, the worlds #1 bookseller – you owe it to yourself to look into the course at Self-Publishing School today!

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