Don’t remodel your home without it!

My new book is the culmination of years of working with homeowners as an architect, a design-build remodeler, and an educator.

Experiences gained in these areas have given me a unique perspective on the subject of remodeling. I’ve experienced remodeling on the inside in a way that nobody has before. My unique perspective has helped thousands of families achieve success in their remodeling pursuits through my years of practice. And, since 2002 I’ve taught home remodeling classes to homeowners where they learned how to understand and navigate the remodeling process.

My new book is the culmination of all my remodeling insight and experience bundled into the most complete “how-to” book I could assemble.

The book is being edited now and is scheduled for release as an e-book and in a paperback edition in February 2017.


Among the topics covered in the new book are:

  • Remodeling Myths Debunked
  • How to Properly Prepare to Remodel
  • About Design Professionals
  • Types of Remodeling Contractors
  • How to Select ONLY the Right Remodelers to Interview
  • How to Interview Remodelers
  • How to Choose a Remodeler
  • Questions for Your Remodeler and References
  • Ways to Negotiate and Save When Remodeling
  • Information About Remodeling Contracts