EVERY remodeling project is unique.

Every project requires it’s own preparation. Every project calls for a very different set of NEEDS to be met, and a different set of experts to help achieve those needs.

However, proper preparation in order to remodel eliminates one of the three critical mistakes homeowners typically make. Making these three critical mistakes often elevates projects to ‘horror-story” status. So, all remodeling requires preparation.

Proper preparations assure you match your project successfully with an ideal remodeler type. It’s a step-by-step process that I have worked with my clients and students for decades. And I have a FREE CHEAT SHEET if you want a glimpse of the process I have honed through my 24 years in design-build remodeling. In simple terms, you prepare a “Project Packet” that defines everything about your project so you can hand the same set of information to all your prospective remodelers.

         Here’s the outline of a typical Project Packet:

  1. Define the Project – Quick and concise project description
  2. NEED List – A list of the ESSENTIAL requirements of your project
  3. WISH List – A list of the fun and exciting extras, budget permitting
  4. BUDGET – What are you able AND willing to spend to get #1, #2, #3?
  5. Room by Room Description – Description of your “vision” for each area

There’s a great deal more that is involved in order to identify the right design professionals and the right TYPE of remodeler for each project – but these basics will help anyone get ready to start a remodeling project.

Architects and remodelers are often excellent at their tasks. But they are LOUSY mind readers. Only you know what it will take to make the project perfect for you and your family.

Once you have your vision, your needs and wants and your budget clearly defined, you can contact design professionals or the right type of remodeling contractors to help you achieve your dreams and goals. How you identify the right type of professionals, vet them thoroughly, and negotiate with and select the best one – that was the subject of my #1 best-selling Amazon book “Remodel! Without Going Bonkers or Broke”. I don’t have the time to type the whole book out right here and now, but you can find it HERE !

Oh, you want to know those other two reasons projects are likely to become “horror-stories”? They are clearly explained in the book also as well as how to circumvent them… but they are this:

  1. Failure to match the type and budget of project to the proper type and size of remodeler
  2. Selecting a remodeler based on low price

But those are topics for another day.