How To Remodel

Not Just In Kansas Anymore

Remodel! is now a “masterclass”!
The same awesome information I teach my clients and students is now online!
It’s the best remodeling class available!


Remodel-ing Class?

My book Remodel! Without Going Bonkers or Broke has enjoyed tremendous success since it’s release in late February, 2017. The huge respones to the book made it clear to me that the information is valuable to and it is resonating with American homeowners.

Before they are willing to risk tens of thousands of dollars, many of these homeowners are learning to prepare properly and fully. They have turned to me, a long-time industry insider to obtain their information.

Creating the Course

With the huge success of the book, I then worked hard to turn my step-by-step proven method into the new online masterclass – Remodel Without Going Bonkers or Broke!

After the beta class and got excellent input from a group of trusted reviewers, I tuned up the inaugural class which is now available HERE.

Remodel! is LIVE!

The Remodel!  online masterclass is open for enrollment!

Remodel! is a video course with nearly 7 hours of instruction. There are about 40 lessons that average about 6-8 minutes each (all less than 20 minutes). There are also numerous related content downloads.

Learn more about the REMODEL masterclass here! 


Amazing Bonuses!

The best remodeling ‘how-to’ course anywhere offers the following FREE bonuses to every paid student:

  • unlimited lifetime access to the videos
  • unlimited lifetime access to all downloads
  • a one-on-one onboarding call with me!
  • TWO one-on-one consultation calls with me!
  • LIVE weekly Q&A group calls
  • Private Facebook group for Remodel! students
  • a copy of the audiobook version of Remodel!

Need an even lower price?

Everyone that buys the paperback book gets 33% off the current class admission!

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