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While I did some creative writing and wrote some poetry when I was younger, I never expected to write a book, let alone an Amazon #1 best-seller.


Well, things change!


A Fun Weekend

One day on Facebook I noticed an ad for a free weekend event. It was a “write a book in a weekend” seminar at a local hotel. Since the wife was into it, we signed up and had a blast!

I realized that a book would be just one part of a trio of new endeavors that would become my new business:

  • Write and publish a remodeling book
  • Build and sell an online remodeling class
  • Speak & teach to support the book and the class

Writing the Book

I know my subject matter! But before I could compile it into a credible class, I had to organize it clearly. So, writing a book was step one.

I bought a course by Chandler Bolt called Self-Publishing School. It allowed me to write and publish my book in about 6 months. The course was brilliant, and their community of authors was incredibly supportive. I could never have done this without SPS.

If you’re one of the 81% of people that hope to write a book, act on that thought. You can learn more about SPS, and get a free workshop by clicking the button below.


Goals for the Book

I try and have goals for each venture I undertake, and writing the book was no different. I realized there were several very clear and significant benefits that a successful book could deliver.

  • Help me organize content for my web course
  • Serve as a kick-ass business card for live events
  • Provide me with some added credibility
  • Help build an audience of remodeling fans

The book has already provided these benefits and more. In addition, it will pay itself off and become an income source in under 3 months!

A Best-Selling Book

In addition to the benefits already mentioned, there was one more that I secretly planned for. I wanted the book to become a best-seller so that I could be described, introduced or written about as “the bestselling author of the book Remodel!”

Well, Amazon designated the Kindle edition of my book a #1 Best-Seller, and the paperback version of my book a #1 New Release – both within the first few weeks after their release!

Click the box below to visit the Amazon page for Remodel! Without Going Bonkers or Broke.



With the successful debut of my book Remodel!, I have turned my efforts toward producing a complete, step-by-step Remodeling Master Class for online homeowner learning.

My hope is to help many more homeowners learn to master the remodeling process and achieve successful results.

The projected launch of the new class is July 2017! Stay tuned!

Speaking & Workshops

Once the web-based remodeling master classes are up and running, I’ll be taking to the highways and skyways to speak about remodeling themes and put on live workshops for homeowners.

Between the book and the web-class, along with the public appearances and live workshops I’ll stay plenty busy!

If that doesn’t fill my every waking hour, I will always be able to blog and email with interested homeowners, and maybe play some golf, swim and ride the bike!


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