Who I Am

The background…

I knew what I wanted to be in 9th grade —
an architect. I also knew I wanted
to design houses for families.

I get no bigger thrill than helping homeowners maximize their joy at home.

LEGO’s Made Me an Architect?

Well, there’s a tiny bit more to it…

After receiving my Bachelor’s and Master of Architecture degrees, I found my first job in a one-man shop in Reisterstown, Maryland. There I became a residential architect working under my mentor, Bill Keeney.

Bill was the architect who nurtured my love of residential architecture. After three years with him, I passed all the exams and earned my Maryland architectural license, and have never looked back.

Molinelli Designs

From that time I began taking commissions from friends and associates through my own company Molinelli Designs. A little trickle of extra income is always a welcomed thing for any young architect!

Through the years I have continued to design homes & additions and I performed all manner of architectural services for my private clients.


Awards & Citations

My remodeling designs have received more than 50 Remodeler of the Year Awards and Awards of Excellence. One project received Project of the Year.

For my industry service to the people of Maryland I have been awarded the Governor’s Citation for Meritorious Service by Gov. Bob Ehrlich in 2006 and by Gov. Larry Hogan in 2016.

Awards tend to validate the high level of excellence that was invested into a particular project. However, in my opinion, the single highest award any architect or remodeler can ever receive is a heartfelt “Thank you” from a satisfied client.

So, What’s Next?

I took about a year to collect and organize a career’s worth of experiences and thoughts, and then release them as a book.

That book: Remodel! Without Going Bonkers or Broke is now an Amazon #1 bestseller in both Kindle and paperback versions!

I am currently working on converting the book into a new web-based Remodel! Master Class for homeowners. I hope to help thousands of families to achieve successful results!

Class construction is ongoing, with the projected release in September 2017!



With the successful debut of my book Remodel!, I have turned my efforts toward producing a complete, step-by-step Remodeling Master Class for online homeowner learning.

My hope is to help many more homeowners learn to master the remodeling process and achieve successful results.

The projected launch of the new class is June 2017! Stay tuned!

My Work


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