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I’m an architect and remodeling expert, and I offer homeowners a clear, simple process so they can confidently and successfully remodel their homes.

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My Readers Say:

It’s the kind of book you want to have by your side, both informative and enlightening.
Kayti Raet - Readers Favorite
‘Remodel! Without Going Bonkers or Broke’ delivers! It’s overflowing with detailed, valuable information and contains everything you need to know about the remodeling process!
Shauna Collins, MD
Molinelli manages to keep the reader engaged with informative and entertaining wisdom from many years of experience. If you desire to remodel your home, this book is a must have!
Leah Hill
This book debunks some of the myths of remodeling in a well-organized, easy-to-read format. Love the ‘action items’ in each chapter!
Camille Nelson, PhD - Author, Speaker, Musician
Readers can gain a host of helpful advice.
Anne Hammock - / Florida Times-Union
I really liked how the author walked me through all the budget considerations because there were plenty of things I didn’t even think about– which is the premise of the book.
Lisa Schatz - Author
…an organized how-to guide for anyone preparing for a remodeling project. I especially found helpful the sections on how to interview remodelers for your project.
Amanda Rattigan - Realtor
I love the way Jim Molinelli invites us to organize our remodeling project almost as if we were writing a business plan. This will cut down on miscommunication and cost overrun. I needed this book.
Dr. Marlena Corcoran
Jim Molinelli is the authority on home remodeling and he shares his knowledge and experience with his readers as if he is teaching a class… step by step.
Diane Buck - Homeowner
No one should undertake a remodeling project without first reading this excellent book!
Lorraine Tong - Author
I encourage every homeowner to read this. It’s full of useful and relevant information, in an easy to read style.
Tracy Lee
Great book!! Full of useful information, easy to read, and you are guaranteed to feel more knowledgeable about the process.
Amazon Customer
Absolutely brilliant! I have never before come across a book like this. It is in-depth, but not overwhelming. Quite the contrary!
Amazon Customer
The money-saving tips were brilliant!
Stacey Kopp - Professional Editor
This book lays out a complete plan for getting your project done right.
William P. Mann, Entrepreneur
What a priceless book to own if you ever plan to remodel! This is the only book you’ll need to get the results you want on your project!
Michele Laine
Molinelli’s enthusiasm for the subject shines through on every page of this invaluable guide, and it’s quite infectious.
Jack Magnus - Readers Favorite
His tips are smart, business savvy, and financially responsible.
Katelyn Hensel - Readers Favorite
I found the book easy to read and not too technical. Jim has a nice sense of humor that makes you feel like you are having a conversation with a friend.
Helene Schmidt - Author
Undoubtedly THE book to get even if you think you might possibly sometime in the future hypothetically consider remodeling. Chocked full of good stuff and well written.
Gordon Boyd - Author & Internet Personality

My students say:

Learning to be the “Boss”, and how to interview — so many aspects I would never have known. Great class!
“This class was a really, really good use of my time. Thank you!”
This was a GREAT class and I recommend it to anyone considering a remodeling project!!!
This course was a total surprise! I had NO IDEA how ignorant I was about remodeling. Many, many thanks for offering it and teaching it so well.
This course exceeded my expectations! I loved the clarity with which he presented the ‘process’.
This course was excellent! With an outstanding, knowledgeable instructor.
We were overwhelmed and intimidated by our project. Now we have a roadmap to it’s completion.

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